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Core Capabilities +

  • Storage
  • Computing
  • Network
  • Cyber Security
  • Virtualization
  • IT Automation and Orchestration
  • Voice/Video Over IP

Services +

  • Planning and Requirements
  • Design and Development
  • Interoperability and Integration
  • Test and Evaluation
  • Deployment and Sustainment

Disciplines +

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • System Engineering
  • Software Engineering

What We Can Do For You

Effecture builds simple, resilient, and scalable IT infrastructure and solutions. We solve challenges for enterprise, data center, and Department of Defense Denied-Disconnected Intermittent Limited (DoD D-DIL) environments.

Effecture specializes in creating effective, efficient, and economical solutions to solve the most complex engineering and communication challenges. The effectiveness of your system will never be compromised and you’ll get what you need on time and within budget. Our depth of technical expertise, extensive operational military experience, and successful history of deploying Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Combat and Intelligence (C5I) systems yields a uniquely trusted service to our clients.


Planning + Requirements

Before tackling any problem, proper and thorough planning is needed. Effecture exercises its engineering due diligence with a holistic viewpoint, ensuring all interconnected or related components to the problem are considered. To further understand the problem, we breakdown functional requirements and turn them into understandable engineering artifacts, limiting any misinterpretations. Lastly, we do our part in providing realistic estimates to get the job done.

  • Project and Task Planning
  • Engineering Artifact Development
  • Requirements Analysis, Decomposition, and Traceability


Design + Development

Every aspect of your organization is taken into consideration in Effecture’s network design and development process. Long-term business projections are used to design a network that will sustain increased bandwidth demand and ensures the lasting effectiveness of your network. Effecture’s end-to-end solution covers LAN and WAN engineering/reengineering, network design, custom-software development, and complete system implementation.

  • Network Architecture and Design
  • Routing Intelligence and Optimal Forwarding Decision
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • High Availability (HA) and Survivable
  • Secure and Accredited


Interoperability + Integration

Applying information extrapolated in our assessment process, we apply components of your existing network infrastructure into an eloquent design constructed to support the specialized requirements of your organization. We maximize the efficiency of your infrastructure by creating modular, fully interoperable and integrated solutions where the priorities of your organization become the priorities of your network.

  • WAN Integration
  • LAN Integration
  • RF and Modem Integration
  • Application/Services Integration
  • Crypto Modernization
  • C4I Integration Testing and Certification


Test + Evaluation

Effecture’s Test and Evaluation Services encompasses a full suite of test event planning and execution, network data collection and analysis, and troubleshooting and resolution, and overall network performance evaluation for our clients. Before any new or updated systems are deployed, we will ensure every system component is fully capable to operate and endure at its maximum performance, even in the most critical and time-sensitive situations.

  • Pre-mission Readiness Assessment
  • Design, Deploy, Maintain all C4I Components in the BTS Lab (BMDS Test Site, San Diego, CA)
  • Mission Test Support
  • Post Mission Analysis
  • Planning and Modernization
  • Simulated, Live, and Real World Operation Test Events Support


Deployment + Sustainment

Effecture understands the importance of timely deployments and the continued sustainment of network systems. Our engineers provide necessary support with hardware and software installations, firmware upgrades, and enhancements to routers, switches, workstations, and servers to ensure currently deployed network system baselines are approved to operate and are fully secure from any cyber vulnerabilities.

  • DT&E/OT&E Deployment and Certification
  • SOVT Support
  • Post Installation Support
  • CASREP Support
  • Develop and Maintain Product Baseline